An LPWAN based Monitoring Platform

Connecting devices to a Low-Power WAN-Network without excessive installation effort is easy – with our MCOM LPWAN platform node.

Thanks to the modular design of the device, we can quickly and easily evaluate signals and data from local interfaces via LoRaWAN™ remotely. The solution is perfectly suited for retrofit projects as well as for new systems for which no or only a cumbersome wireless connectivity solution is available. You get the data in a turnkey solution or via our Sensor Data Hub API.

  • Modular LPWAN hardware and software platform
  • Integrated base LPWAN module and piggyback interface
  • LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT / NB2 connectivity
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Mountable on-wall or in a cabinet


We often equip systems in retrofit projects. Usually using LPWAN sensors (provided there is enough network coverage) costs a lot less in settings like trains, buses or gaz stations because you don’t need to install cabling

Whenever you have a specific requirement to get data from systems where you cannot buy standard sensors, or if you would like to have one multisensor solution to simplify logistics and test effort

If you just need to take easy measurements and you can buy standard sensors

Examples include supervision for battery health, HVAC, motors, PLC based systems, extremely accurate temperatures, others are being worked at. Please call us to get more information.

We have implemented digital I/O, MODBUS, PL100 temperature sensors, RA485 and more are currently being developed

The platform has space for one module because of size constraints. Creating a multisensor is an easy task though, because of the modular platform.

We do offer Starter Kits, please call us to check availability.