ALGOL Base Unit

ALGOL - Your Infrastructure goes live

ALGOL allows you to run your application 24/7 in challenging environmental conditions. It’s a lightweight, scalable and rugged multisensor platform for highly reliable real-time applications in the transport and infrastructure sector

Sensor and wireless technology is rapidly evolving. ALGOL, our modular and fully monitored sensor-to-cloud solution, includes customized sensors/interfaces and a standard platform for edge computing, local LPWAN/mesh networks and secure mobile connectivity. All in one package and easy to manage and deploy, so you can focus on your application without wasting time developing support functions.

As the new evolution step of the successful long running RAR platform, the new ALGOL platform consists of a hardware base module that complies with current transportation norms and standards for outdoor use. All hardware, CPU and wireless connections are fully monitored internally. An extension hardware module with the required sensors and interfaces is mounted on top of the base module to create a customized solution.

ALGOL Hardware Platform

The platform can be adapted for a large number of applications with minimal effort, while the risk in terms of compliance is minimal. It is especially suitable for retrofit applications due to its small size and low power consumption.

ALGOL uses an ultra scalable modular buildup to allow a wide range of applications with minimal effort

ALGOL Software Platform


  • Vehicle Wireless router
  • System User Interface
  • LTE Mobile Router
  • Mobile QoS Sensor
  • Video distribution via mobile
  • Low Latency Video Transmitter
  • IoT Gateway
  • Vehicle Remote Control
  • Railway barrier monitoring
  • GPS Tracker
  • Multisensor
  • Multichannel Video Uplink Router
  • Vehicle Voice Gateway
  • Network Media Player


  • Very efficient fanless design
  • Single to Quad Core ARM Cortex-A CPUs available
  • Wide range Power supply with redundancy as an option
  • Battery Backup and PV Charger as an option
  • LTE Mobile Connectivity with Dual SIM/eSIM Built in
  • High Sensitivity GPS Receiver
  • Local 100MBit Ethernet port
  • Large Extension Interface
  • FRAM Memory for dynamic configuration and System Status storage
  • Railway and automotive compliance
  • Power supply backup for controlled power down in case of power outage (10 to 100msec)
  • -40 - 70°C Temperature Range
  • Compact enclosure with adaptable mounting flanges

Software Support

  • Linux OS / Complete BSP
  • Integrated networking support with routing
  • Complete System operation and supervision software on device
  • Internal REST interface for use with any programming language
  • Integrated remote configuration and supervision
  • Sophisticated software support with plugin interface on software containers
  • Secure Remote Access with device management available


ALGOL is both a sophisticated wireless router as well as a multisensor and computing platform for edge applications.

ALGOL is made for integration of sophisticated sensors customer applications into transport or infrastructure settings. It is extensible both hardware- and softwarewise. Most of what is needed is already available by the platform, so why spend time to develop such functionality using a standard computer?

If you need to integrate sensors, a software or a technology that you want to use in vehicles or difficult infrastructure settings (piblic transport, gaz stations, full outdoor, dust environments, …) you should consider using ALGOL as a platform

Yes. In fact, the platform is made for that purpose even though we supply all software including remote access should you need it.

We do offer development units to project partners. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Call us for a quote with your specific requirements. Download the Config Sheet under “Downloads” and drop us an eMail.