About Us

Parametric SDS is a brand of Parametric GmbH. We stand for ultra-scalable monitoring and control solutions for vehicles (trains, buses, trams, commercial vehicles) and infrastructure.

We use an extremely scalable "Sensor-to-Cloud" approach, which allows us to respond flexibly to customer requirements and still deploy rugged and standardised monitoring and control systems with the shortest lead times

For this purpose, we offer highly expandable basic systems, which we like to compare with a Swiss watch movement. A stable, adaptable basis and easy-to-implement extensions save our customers time, as they do not have to deal with development outside their actual innovation.


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What we believe in

Innovation simplified

Hightech products do not have to be complicated. We do our best to hide complex technology and provide the best possible User Experience.

Future-proof, robust Products

Vehicle and infrastructure electronics need to run for years without maintenance. Our electronic products are therefore carefully designed, using high quality components.

Focus on reuse, optimisation and repair

Our products contain components with good supply chains and are repairable. If components are no longer available, a replacement will be offered.